P21 strengthens its international network of partners

The P21 GmbH, with its headquarters in Brunnthal near Munich, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fuel-cell systems which supply emergency electricity to the mobile telecommunication industry. Field tests conducted since 2004 have shown that P21’s devices reliably assure the continued functioning of international mobile-network providers’ mobile-telephone networks during power outages.

Positive responses from partners and customers, as well as the increasing demand for environmentally friendly fuel-cell systems in this area, are impelling P21 to further expand its global network of partners.

Mobile-telephony providers must be able to guarantee reliable network operations – even in remote areas and under extreme climatic conditions. Furthermore, strong growth continues in the number of base stations: 350,000 new transmitting stations are planned for 2007 alone. The reasons for this growth are twofold: existing devices must be refitted from GSM to UMTS, and new Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) are going into operation. In this context, there is an increasing demand for systems that can assure the continued functioning of mobile-telephony networks –even under difficult climatic conditions. Fuel-cell systems are acknowledged to be extremely reliable, and they’re also reliable under precisely the aforementioned special conditions.

Worldwide Expansion

Because of this development, P21 is expanding worldwide, especially in South America, Southern Africa, the Near East, the Middle East and Asia. P21 collaborates with qualified partners in each of these regions. P21 accords particular importance to choosing businesses which have local and regional know-how and which can effectively collaborate with P21 in the onsite marketing, installation and servicing of fuel-cell systems. By prioritizing the search for new partners, P21 is also equipping itself for the planned worldwide rollout in 2008.

P21: from telecommunication for telecommunication

P21’s systems are conceived to supply emergency electrical power to mobile-telephony stations. Compared to conventional batteries, fuel-cells assure significantly lengthier bridge-over intervals of more than six hours’ duration. Fuel cells also require less maintenance, they’re sturdy when faced with external climatic conditions, and they therefore have a longer lifespan. Cost savings up to 30% can be achieved throughout the entire lifecycle of a fuel cell.

Dieter Brächtken, CEO of P21, is relying above all making inroads into strategic markets and on the expansion of cooperative partnerships. This plan will enable P21 to also establish itself internationally as a leading supplier. Brächtken says, “A stable source of emergency electricity is particularly important in the telecommunications and information-technology industries. Compared to the conventional batteries that had been used in the past, fuel cells are more economical, more reliable and environmentally friendlier. We’ve already been able to find many partners in the markets that are important to us. We’ve trained those partners on our premises in Brunnthal. And now they’re ready to help P21 move forward onsite in their home regions. This sends a clear signal and demonstrates that nearness to the customer, as well as the quality and reliability of our products, are immensely important to us.


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